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“Hello, I'm Phineas Bodie. Most people call me P. Bodie. The envelope I'm holding contains the missing note from John Cage's piece, '4'33" of Almost Silence'. There are powers that will stop at nothing to keep me from delivering this envelope to the proper authorities. In fact, I'm being followed at this very moment. I must leave immediately!”

Alas, these are the last words of P. Bodie (played by Wes Crawford). Now it's up to you to solve the mystery and recover the "missing note!"

From the creator of the original Drumset Play-Along DVD, Wes Crawford presents still another innovative concept in active listening. The Rhythmic Murder Mystery DVD contains swinging, swanky, fun and funky electronic drum solos performed by Wes. The wacky narrator (Brian McNelis) presents the unfolding mystery, challenging you to piece together the solution by listening to the music-oriented clues woven into the performance.

Originally performed live, this DVD version is an adaptation of Wes's successful "Rhythmic Murder Mystery" one-man show, designed to build active listening skills. The DVD's menu options allow you to play the performance with the narrator, play the pieces without the narration, or jump in at any chapter.

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